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We help our customers get the most value from Google Apps for Work

Siyomek system engineers are vendor certified and highly experienced, ensuring the successful planning, delivery and on-going support of even the most complex projects, from concept to operational completion.

Supporting over many numbers of customers in over Asia Pacific countries, Siyomek services are backed by leading global network operations and customer care engineers providing the infrastructure to deliver exceptional solution support.

There are a wide variety of service we provide





Consultation Services

Strategy and Planning

  • Organizational Cloud readiness detailed assessment
  • Organizational Cloud transformation strategy & business case development

Business Process Consulting

  • Transforming internal collaboration and innovation using Google Apps
  • Transforming external collaboration and innovation w/your partners & suppliers using Google Apps
  • Empowering your mobile workforce using Google Apps, Android, and/or Chromebooks

Training Services

Google Apps End User Training

  • Gmail and Calendar
  • Docs and Collaboration
  • Hangouts/G+

Google Apps Power User Training

Google Apps Admin Training

  • Apps Control Panel
  • Vault

Android Mobile Device User Training and Best Practices

Change Management Training and Workshops

Vendor Integration Services

  • Setup and integration w/3rd party Google Apps Marketplace solutions
  • Setup and integration w/relevant non-Google 3rd party solutions
  • Single sign-on enablement services

Message Policy Management Services

  • Email and chat archiving and retention policy management
  • Policy enforcement and monitoring
  • E-discovery services as needed

Storage Backup Services

  • Backup Google Apps data if the customer is really worried about cloud or user error
  • Backup other cloud application data such as SFDC, Zoho CRM, etc

Design & Marketing Services

  • New external websites using Google Sites
  • New internal collaboration spaces using Google Sites
  • Customized Google site & Google presentation templates
  • External surveys and data collection using Google Apps Forms
  • Creating a web social presence via G+

Deployment Services

Basic Deployment Services

  • Project management
  • Provisioning user accounts
  • Migration
    • Email from Exchange or other legacy system to Google Apps Gmail
    • Docs migration from Sharepoint or other legacy to Google Apps Drive
  • Google Groups – email list creation

Advanced Deployment Services

  • Google Vault archiving and retention setup
  • Custom deployment work
  • Google Cloud Print setup

Support Services

  • Google Apps User (and Advanced User) Support
  • Google Apps Technical Support
  • Google Apps 7×24 Support
  • Google Apps Premium Support or Technical Account Management Services

Security Management Services

  • Offer 2-factor authentication setup and maintenance
  • Password policy management & reset
  • Drive sharing policy management and reporting

Remote Management Services

  • Google Apps admin services including user management & provisioning
  • Google Apps environment configuration management
  • Google Apps rollout management of new features and services

Mobile Device Management Services

Google Apps mobile management

  • Device activation
  • Device usage and trending
  • Manage via Apps Control Panel in browser (or mobile admin app for Android)

Android mobile workforce enablement

Android mobile device centralized management

  • Device policy administration
  • Password policies (e.g. 2-step authentication)
  • Remote data wipe
  • Device lock policy

Custom Development Services

  • Building and maintain a custom Google Apps plug-in to be sold on Apps Marketplace
  • Building and maintaining custom apps for customers
    • Google App Engine
    • Android apps



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