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About Us

Siyomek Holdings (Pvt) Ltd

Siyomek Holdings (Pvt) Ltd 

We are a passionate, and talented technology team based in Sri Lanka providing software development services to clients in the Asia Pacific Region and beyond.

Whether you need to breathe new life into your legacy systems, re-define a business process, enable customers to execute via mobile, free your team from routine tasks, delight your customers with a great experience or use technology to gain a competitive edge – we can help! Lean on our experience and capabilities. – power your innovation and progress.

Custom Software Development Based On Technology & Domain Expertise

We Develop Large Scale Applications. Siyomek Holdings is a custom software development company specializes in developing scalable software applications, business software, and automation software. We primarily develop applications that automate the everyday workflow of a company or organization and makes life easier.

Our list of applications includes Cloud software, ERP, CRM, Mobile applications, Web-GIS applications, eCommerce applications, Business Management Systems and SAAS, IAAS, and business products development.

Location-based Mobile Applications & Web-GIS Applications

As mobile app developers, we are focused on location. Apart from mobility, one of the key advantages mobile devices bring GPS. Every mobile device knows its location at all times. That is our location. What does that mean in real terms? That we can find who or what is near us. We can also broadcast where we are. We think of location and GPS as map related terms. But, location data is now being used in a wide variety of mobile apps.

Internet Mapping Applications have an enormous increase in popularity. The basics for a successful Web-Mapping Service are high performance in data delivery and an easy and intuitive usability. We help you building up a customized Web-GIS for your spatial data