Google appears to be developing a teleconferencing tool called GMeet



First noticed by Florian Kiersch on Google+, Google appears to be testing a new meetings service. Google Meetings, also referred to as GMeet, appears to allow users to schedule and join teleconference calls with one click. Instead of having to dial into a teleconference call, one user could create a meeting topic in GMeet, then invite everyone else to the call. People who received an invite would be able to then join the call with a single click.


More than likely, GMeet uses Google Hangouts as a base for its functionality with additional features added for enterprise customers. Presumably GMeet will be catered towards users of Google Apps for Work and offer an enterprise-friendly interface. The leaked screenshots show an Android app, although Kiersch also claims that Google has a Chrome Extension for GMeet in development.


Currently, GMeet is in testing and only available to people that work at Google, although it appears that it will eventually rollout to more users. Phandroid points out that GMeet and Google Meeting searches return code strings from as far back as 2011. “Most of the code references things we already have access to in the latest rendition of Hangouts, such as whiteboards, screen sharing, and integration with Google Calendar,” the website reports. This supports the belief that Google Meetings is powered by Hangouts, with only a different interface and a few adjusted features added.