Google Drive update for Mac & PC

Google is rolling out a new version of Drive for Mac & PC, with a new bandwidth-limiting feature and a more visually rich menu that gives you more control over your files.

The new menu allows Google Drive users to more clearly follow their sync status, it also shows sync progress and allows you to open recently synced items without having to open the Google Drive app.

Another great feature which the new menu brings is when you hover over a recently synced file, you’ll see an icon that lets you share it right from the menu. So if you’re a regular at sharing documents and pictures this feature will save you time and clicks.

Moving on to the bandwidth, you can now choose how much bandwidth Drive consumes while syncing your files, so any concerns you’ve got about how much data is flowing through your router, you can choose to cap Drive at a certain bandwidth. To do this just go into the advanced section of the preferences menu.